Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Responsibility sucks, kids are messy and a wonderful weekend

A very long title to describe pretty much the three things I have to say.

Firstly I'm going to winge.
So no skype calls for the last month because we have been over in our internet bandwidth. Which means I don't get to talk to anyone from the states except my parents if they call me. Unless I use my cell...which is expensive...thus the winging part. My second bill (due the 24th of April) is a grand total of 70£!! That was due to a 30-40min conversation to bill is suppose to be 10£, it has yet to be 10£. Last month is was 40£ again due to Cali calls. Anyway b/c of my high phone bill I've decided to not go to London this weekend to see my boyfriend so that I can pay the bill and still put money into savings. Which is lame as I only get to see him on the weekends anyway...thus responsibilty sucks!

Onto Kids are messy....I know that sort of A) says it all and B) is rather obvious. But after two months here you get a bit tired of it. I have always worked in camps with kids. They are sooo much fun and yes a bit messy (especially if its bubble day :D) but w/e no biggie, I don't constantly clean up after them. Here TJ asks me to fold their clothes in the drawers b/c they have been tossed about. Well no sooner do I do it. Spending about 15 or so min to carefully arrange the clothes in neat piles. Shorts here, trousers here, short sleeved shirts here, etc...then do one or both of the girls come along and go "OMG, where is this one top I want"...let me pull EVERYTHING out to find it. They may bother to stuff the clothes back in drawer if you're lucky or their closet just looks like a bomb went off. AND I remember being this way. I remeber the physical pan I got when my mummy told me to clean my room up. Usually it just wouldn't happen. It literally was painful. So I understand but its soo bizarre. That and just taking 10 extra steps to put something away properly vs. leaving it on a random table or whatever. Haha...sighhh kids. They do say some hilarious stuff though.

On a more positive note the weekend was lovely. Met Ross' old friend Rhys on Friday at a birthday party. He was good fun to chat with but we blame him on me being slightly more pissed than..well not when Ross and I left. Saturday was a quiet day due to Friday night and then Saturday evening we went out to Helena's birthday at the Albernache in Trafalgar sq. She had rented a really lovely little room at the top of the stairs. I met and spoke with several new people and immensely enjoyed the canepa's that were passed about as I had failed to have proper dinner before hand. Towards the end of the evening the people that were left moved downstairs to the club area and had a large booth to our selves. Which made me feel like we were in a cave, in a nice way. Dimly lit, walls on three sides and a convex ceiling also much cooler than the room upstairs which was nice. Eventually it was just Helena, Robbie, Ross and I left and we did a b it of dancing before heading home.

Sunday was up at 9 and went with Ross to Rynes park to watch him play some footie. His team did play better than the first time I saw them unfortunately not well enough to win, but hey ho. After match we went to my cousin Julia's in chiswick and had a most wonderful lunch out in the sun. It was my favorite part of the weekend and I was pleasantly surprised to find that my other cousin Gabrielle had juggled things about so that she could come as well and meet Ross. The 5 of us had very yummy starters which consisted of meat things, toasty baguette bits with olive tapenade and etc. Then lunch was tasty lamb and really fabulous roast potato's. It was just so warm and lovely that day ad I was so pleased to be doing the introducing that time (as usually Ross is introducing me to his mates) and for family and boyfriend to get together. It was just so perfect.

Well I best get on with doing work its about 1/2 10 now...oo should go check post as well. Expecting my very first wedding invitation to arrive in the mail today :D!


Monday, 12 April 2010

I love work and weekend goodness

Right so besides ironing, vacuuming, and doing school runs sometimes my work days look like this.

Tuesday April 6th:

Woke up at reasonable hour (round 9am) and did some ironing. Amy went off to a friends at 8am and was off all day and Jonnie was at Nan and gramps. Paul and TJ both had work till the evening so it was just Meg, Tom, and I. After ironing round noon the three of us set off on a walk with the dogs. It was an absolutely beautiful day. So much sunshine and warmness it was lovely. Tom was a bit slow but Meg and I chatted quite a bit as we walked through the fields and over the hills and sties. Nothing to interesting of note except the friendly horses in a small field we pass through that followed us very closely. After we got the dogs through we all spent a moment patting them and saying our hello's.

After we got back I took the kids into Edenbridge with me and we went to the Tesco express and picked up some food bits for lunch. We came home and had grilled ham and cheese sandwich's, crisps, and ice cream outside in the garden. The three of us giggled, nattered and swung on the swings outside.

All in all it was a load of fun in the sun and I was getting paid :D...hehe I have the best job ever!

Friday I went into London and hung out with Ross' flat mate Miles as Ross was out at a dinner, where there was much drinking :p. Miles and I enjoyed pizza, chatting and watching New Moon :p.

Saturday was another beautiful day in London and Ross and I walked into Hammersmith along the river and stopped at a pub for some lunch. We managed to snag a table outside which was awesome. Too bad the food wasn't very good, o well the company and lovely weather made up for it.

Saturday evening we went to a party at Tattershall Castle which is actually a boat on the river. A friends husband was having a birthday and they had rented on of the private rooms which was really nice and had plenty of space and seating. It was low key and I mostly stuck with Ross, Helena and her b/f Robbie. Though I was brave enough to go speak to the other American there called Sam. She was from Boston and we had a lovely chat of life and things. There were bits of food to snack on and I got some things for myself...of course Ross the lil bugger stole the one piece of salami on my plate which I was about to put on a piece of toast I had just spread with blue cheese :(. And of course there was no salami left when I went back up so on Sunday I had him go to the market and get some salami for sandwich's :D....that'll learn him!

Sunday all in all was very lazy and I managed to not get dressed till 6p!! When I had to leave to come back home. hehehe.

Much 24 season one has been watched and I would be finishing it right now except the last disc is missing from the case. :(...So alas I have to wait til I'm back at Ross'.

I'd say that is all of interest right now. Kids + TJ + Dogs off to Pippin (their cottage) tomorrow and Paul off to NY,NY Wednesday. So it shall be very very quite here with just me! Hopefully I can get off to London Thursday and only spend one night here alone. This house is too big and too quite for me to want to hang around in. Will finish ironing and vacuuming by Thur afternoon and will leave a very clean house for them to come back to Sunday. Tom's g/f is having an ice skating party so The fam will come back Sunday morn instead of eve so he can get to that ;)...hehe. Even I didn't have a "b/f" till I was about 12, Tom is only 9! *eye roll*


Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunday Roast, Colorful folk, and general awesomeness!

The family went off skiing for a week so it was pretty quite around the house. I did start off the week by exercising but that ummm....tapered off?..hehe. As these things go.

Thursday, or rather 1am on Friday Ross made it down to my place and we passed out as it was late. We didn't really start moving bout till 1 but when we did we headed into Maidstone to have a wander and see "Shutter Island" at the Odeon.

There are sort of 3 bits to Maidstone we saw. This new high street right off the House of Fraser which is built up with new shops and has stands in the middle with people selling meats, bags, and other such things. Then you come to the end and go to the left and things decline rather rapidly. Lots of dodgy looking teens standing about smoking fags taking up the whole sidewalk and cheap chain stores. So we turned around after a turn through some pretty-ish church grounds which looked onto the backs of some posh flats.

Then there was a run down mall which looked newer than the ruddy part of town but obviously older than the shiny new high street. I found a pair of aviators for 5£ so that was fab as I felt I needed a new pair :D. I also tried on a pretty-ish slutty lacy dress which was not worth 16£ but was fun to try none the less.

Afterwards we crossed the river into industrial Maidstone and found the theatre and bought our tickets. As it was only 5ish and the movie didn't start till 8 we wandered back over the river in search of a pub. We landed ourselves at the Thirsty Pig. This place looked like your typical old English building. White walls with dark wooden beams. The front door stopped at about my chin so you had to duck and step down as you went into a small room with the bar at one end. We had two pints for under 5£ so that was good and we took them up the narrow stair case to a slightly larger room where we picked a booth in a corner by some windows. There were many low running wooden beams that did not seem very even. This place in general was a bit slanty and made me think of the house Homer and friends built for Ned Flanders, teehee.

Then we moved on to a steak restaurant we had seen earlier and had some very good steaks with blue cheese dressing, yummmmmmm. Along with a bottle of very nice red. We finished with just enough time to get to the movie. I was meh about it. It was much more drama to me than Thriller and was well done but not something that I thought was riveting. Ross enjoyed it.

Afterwards we had a good laugh as we left the theatre as there were shed loads of girls "doll'd" up to go to Liquid (some god awful club that chavs go to). By doll'd up I mean dresses that barely covered anything, cheap heels that just look a bit whorish and well yea you can imagine...teehee, it was very funny people watching.

Saturday consisted of going to store to get bread for family's arrival the next day and some other things. Then I made truffles which turned out fab! I did one set each of cherry brandy, Cognac, and citrus vodka. Was lots of fun and I made them look all pretty afterwards. Then Ross and I watched "Yes Man", which was actually not bad. Then we watched "Dark Knight" while we ate frozen pizzas which we had added some extra cheese and bacon bits too. Twas much improved pizza, yum!

Sunday was a bit of a faff (is that even how you spell it?) as there was tidying to do, rhubarb crumble to make and etc. We left late needless to say by a couple of hours but made it to Ross' parents place for a lovely Sunday Roast. His mum and dad were both chatty, relaxed, and very kind. They made me feel quite at home. The rhubarb crumble turned out perfect which was grand and the chocolates I brought them were oooh'd over which was nice. As we were heading out I asked Ross' mum if she had a biscuit i might nibble on the car ride back. Well there weren't biscuits so she gave me two kit kats and then a couple of penguins (chocolate crunch things), hehe just the kind of mum I like! Then she also presented me with a tub of rocky road chocolaty goodness sweets as it twas Easter and I think that was really my favorite part of all. It made me feel looked after I suppose. Coz if I was at home my mum and dad would have given me an Easter basket which is about all the fuss we bother with any way but something I quite enjoy. You don't always think about the things your mum and dad do that you love but that is something I really appreciate. Its like getting to be a kid, having a mummy give you sweets on Easter. So it made me quite smiley the whole ride home.

It was such a good weekend with a variety of activities which created a wonderful balance. All in all I'm very happy and a bit tired now. These weekends seem to pass to quickly even if they are three days long! Sighhhhh. Loads of ironing tomorrow now that the kids are back.