Monday, 3 May 2010


Well, watching the world championship snooker game right now. We have Graem Dott and Neil Robertson battling it out and you couldn't have two better contestants. This is clearly going to be a very close game and I am very excited about it :).

Ross came by for dinner on Friday the 30th and met the fam. We had a nice time and I was very pleased to have two roast chickens and two lots of potato lyonnaise come out hot and ready for dinner at 1/2 7. I also made a berry tart that was tasty and the kitchen was all clean once dinner was ready. Woohoo!

Saturday Ross n I set off for his parents in Harlow and we had a nice relaxing weekend where we sat about and didn't do very much of anything. Well Laura turned on the snooker semi final Saturday where Robertson was playing and consequently beat some bloke and that was when I got into it :p. Bbq Saturday eve then rain Sunday and a later morning start today to get back home.

Weekend before I spent at home. The Saturday was quite warm and the kids and I had a lot of fun swimming in the pool and nattering and bbqing for dinner :D. Jonnie took out the tractor to move all the summer furniture from the stables to the pool side so I got to ride on the tractor which was fun :D.

Not much of interest I am afraid. I am heading up to Manchester Thursday which I am excited about. Will be nice to see my cousins and aunties and uncles and grand parents etc!

Well, ta!